How To Get A Free Pregnancy Test

There are many different places a woman can get a free pregnancy test. Some of these locations spend lots of money annually on advertisements that state they offer free pregnancy tests, while others quietly wait for referrals. There are two ways to take a pregnancy test — at home with a kit purchased in a store or at a clinic or hospital. The Internet provides “free” pregnancy tests, but these are actually probability tests that are not accurate. We’ll talk more about the Internet tests later.

Where to Look For a Free Pregnancy Test

There are many places you can find a free pregnancy test—health departments, clinics, hospitals, and local community facilities. Unfortunately, free home pregnancy tests do not exist. Clinics and hospitals offer free tests that are administered in-house, or inside the facility, but these locations do not hand out free home pregnancy tests.

Your Community: Your community is a great place to begin searching for a clinic or facility that offers free pregnancy tests. Just about every community has a resource that offers these tests, as well as referrals and out-of-town resources. Some hospitals and clinics advertise on outdoor signs and billboards. The health departments of larger cities also provide free tests, but they test less often, usually offering the tests one day a week. Most cities and towns also have Planned Parenthood or a similar facility. These places don’t ask too many questions, making it easier for a person who needs help.

The Internet: Many web sites offer free pregnancy tests. Most of these web sites offer “free pregnancy tools” such as ovulation trackers, printable calendars, and pregnancy calculators that test your probability of being pregnant. Other web sites connect you with local facilities that offer free tests.

Are You a Candidate for a Free Pregnancy Test?

If you cannot afford an at-home pregnancy test, then you are a candidate for a free test at a clinic or hospital. Most pregnancy tests that are done at a clinic or hospital involve taking blood and checking for the presence of the hCG hormone.

For underage girls who think they may be pregnant and cannot afford an at-home kit, these same clinics can assist you with getting the test done without parental knowledge. Some of these places also offer teens counseling and free condoms. If you are underage and can’t afford a home test from the store, your best bet is to contact your local health department or Planned Parenthood. If you are pregnant, many of these same places assist you with signing up for governmental programs that help you with the costs of having and raising a baby.

This page was last updated on 06/2017

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