Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you are expecting, you could be experiencing certain symptoms and signs of pregnancy. Early signs of pregnancy though, occur more subtly and can be confused with other symptoms such as menstrual cycles. Listed below are signs of pregnancy that can be detected earlier than others.

Elevated Body Temperature – During ovulation, your body temperature rises. If your basal body temperature stays elevated after ovulation and continuing on until you should be receiving your period, it’s a good indication that you are pregnant.

Light Spotting – In almost all cases, a woman will experience light spotting early in their pregnancy. This is due to implantation and tends to happen at the same time a woman is awaiting her menstrual cycle or period. If an expectant mother doesn’t realize she’s pregnant, she will probably pass the spotting off as the beginning of her period. The color of the blood should be brown or pink in color, not heavy, bright and red.

Fatigue – One of the most common signs of pregnancy is fatigue. Most women who don’t realize they are pregnant yet, try to fix the problem of fatigue with caffeine, when in fact the opposite should be done (rest and relaxation) instead, especially if you’re pregnant.

Cramping – Some women experience cramping, and it’s usually felt about the same time they are expecting their menstrual cycle or period. The cramping is due to the uterus contracting. Moving around, exercise and sexual orgasms can trigger uterine cramping early in pregnancy.

Tender Nipples or Breasts – As hormone levels increase, so does the tenderness of your breasts and nipples. This is one of the first signs of a pregnancy, however it can also be confused with symptoms relating to a menstrual cycle.

Not all women will experience these early signs of pregnancy so early. Some women experience other types of pregnancy symptoms, but usually a few weeks after conception has taken place, while others don’t experience any signs or symptoms of pregnancy at all.

These signs of pregnancy are the earliest signs available. Most times, women and men who are trying to conceive look for these early signs of pregnancy before looking at other signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as a missed period, bloating, pregnancy pains, frequent urination, mood swings, food cravings, etc.

And for women who are not expecting, these early signs of pregnancy can easily be mistaken for a menstrual cycle. If you have any questions, or feel confused, then consider taking a pregnancy test. Blood tests can be performed 8-10 days after conception and urine tests can be performed 10-14 days after conception. Contact your healthcare provider, ask for a referral from family or friends and set an appointment. You want to begin to receive healthcare as early as possible when you are pregnant.

This page was last updated on 06/2017

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