Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage can be a scary thing for some women, especially if there were complications during and after the miscarriage. In most cases, it’s safe for women to try getting pregnant after miscarrying, as long as certain conditions are met first. It’s natural for a woman to want to try again immediately after a loss, but it’s important to realize you may not be physically ready or emotionally ready. It may take time for a woman and her partner to agree to try again, and it’s also likely that the emotional pain will return during the trying times. Unfortunately some couples are so devastated by the loss they are unable to try again, even with new partners. But the biggest question remains:

How Long Should I Wait to Try Again?

It’s a question many women ask, and one that many doctors answer differently. In most cases a woman’s body is ready for another attempt after her normal cycle returns. It doesn’t always return right away, however, making it hard to determine when it’s safe again. Generally, if a woman has an uncomplicated miscarriage, her regular cycle returns within four to six weeks. However, some women who experience spontaneous miscarriages ovulate within two weeks after the miscarriage. If you have had to go through a dilation and curettage (or D & C) procedure, you may need to wait longer, possibly even up to six months. You may even want to consider waiting to try again until:

  1. Your normal cycle has returned
  2. All placental tissue is out of your uterus
  3. Your uterus has recovered
  4. Your endometrial lining is strong and healthy
  5. Your doctor says it’s safe to try again
  6. You’re emotionally ready to try again

TIP: It’s important to remember that there isn’t a “perfect” time to try getting pregnant again. You’ll try when you’re ready.

When You Become Pregnant Again After a Miscarriage

Most women who suffer a miscarriage get pregnant again after a year has passed. It’s important to know that when you become pregnant again, you may still feel grief for your previous loss, or you may fear for what may happen this time. Here are some tips to keep in mind once you’re pregnant after a miscarriage:

  • Remember that every pregnancy is unique
  • Remember that most women go on to have normal pregnancies after a miscarriage
  • Immediately seek prenatal care
  • Join a support group with others in your position
  • Be open with others about your fears, including your partner and doctor
  • Getting over the previous miscarriage will probably be the hardest part about the next pregnancy

If you need support, please find a support group in your area. Remember that you are NOT alone.

This page was last updated on 06/2017

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