How To Get Pregnant

If you’re tired of waiting and you want to get pregnant now, then you’re in the right place. Below are suggestions to help increase your chances of conception, as well as a few tips to getting pregnant. Not all methods of getting pregnant work for every women. There are certain factors one must take into consideration if struggling to get pregnant when ready. Planning ahead of time can start months or even years before the actual conception happens.

Lots of experts will argue that people who question how to get pregnant, have an infertility problem. If that is the case with you, then you may want to read up on our articles surrounding that topic. Remember, health care professionals do not consider a couple infertile until a year has passed with no luck in getting pregnant. Still, this article is designed to offer you advice about getting pregnant, long before and just before conception occurs, regardless of your fertility state.

Long Before Conception

Way before conception occurs, it’s important that you’re taking the proper amounts and kinds of prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is extremely important when trying to prevent serious issues such as neural tube defect, and other supplements are known to help you produce enough hormones to get pregnant. You should also begin charting your ovulation cycles long before you want to conceive to help you narrow down a time frame to have intercourse. Also, talk with your doctor or health care provider about possible fertility issues for you and your partner. There’s no sense in trying and trying and trying if your male partner has a low sperm count, or if you do not produce eggs. Learning of this situation way ahead of time can help you decide which option of fertilization is right for you.

Just Before Conception

After you and your partner decide it’s time to try and conceive, it’s important that you continue to chart your ovulation cycles. Emotions are known to throw your cycle off track, and trying to get pregnant can be an emotional thing. If you don’t conceive right away, it’s important that you know whether or not your cycle has been thrown off. Depending on your situation, if you’re struggling to conceive based off information you’ve gathered over the past few months, then you might want to try having sex as often as possible (as long as it’s not becoming a chore and you both have the stamina). You may want to talk to your health care provider about possible fertility issues if you haven’t at this point. Double checking that everything is working properly in both you and your male partner is essential to becoming pregnant.

At Conception

Most couples don’t know the moment conception happens. Therefore, it’s really important that you practice certain rituals after each attempt to conceive. Some women like to jump up right after sex. Experts say that lying down on your back (even for five minutes) after sex has ended can increase the chances of conception, since the sperm is able to pool inside of you and gain an advantage of moving towards the egg.  Also, keep in mind that conception tends to be a numbers game. Even if everything goes according to plan, a woman only has a 25%-30% chance of conceiving.

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