Sexual Positions for Gender Selecting

There are many arguments surrounding the topic of gender selecting. Some people in the New Age industry believe there are sexual positions and certain methods involving timing, positions and depth of penetration that can help a couple purposely conceive a boy or conceive a girl. However, there is no scientific evidence indicating that there’s any way to predict or pre-determine an embryo’s gender using such methods.

Every woman’s egg carries an X chromosome (one of two chromosomes needed to make up a biological gender). Every man carries millions of sperm, some of which are female and contain X chromosome, and some of which are male and contain a Y chromosome. Whether a child is a male or female depends solely on the male’s sperm contents. Most gender selection methods purport to focus on the characteristics of these chromosomes.

The idea behind sex positions for gender selection seems to be that X chromosomes (girls) are slower and larger than Y chromosomes (boys), and that X chromosomes are more resilient to acidity inside of the vagina and cervix, therefore allowing them to sort of “wait out” the Y chromosomes and increasing your chances of having a girl. Ask your doctor about these theories if you want a good laugh.

Other Bogus Methods of Gender Selection


This page was last updated on 06/2017

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