All About How to Get Pregnant

This section is devoted to helping you understand what it takes to get pregnant. Learn about the importance of your ovulation cycle and how to utilize ovulation kits. We will also teach you about your fertility so you can chart your cycles and time your intercourse. Many people are uncertain what to do when deciding to get pregnant, so we created a getting started section to help you begin the changes in your life and lifestyle before conception. Learn how to eat correctly, exercise properly and stay healthy before you are pregnant to ensure your baby is happy and healthy. Also check out how to increase your chances with conception, gender and more!

Getting Started ››

Need help getting started? Most of us do, so don’t feel bad if you need a little extra help planning for your pregnancy. Use our tips and advice, knowledge and information to help you understand what it takes to get pregnant.

Getting Pregnant FAQ’s ›› 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try stopping by our frequently asked questions page for fast info.

Fertility ››

Whether you’re fertile or not, our comprehensive guides will teach you ways around infertility so you and your partner can have the family you’ve always wanted. Explore what happens after conception.

Health and Nutrition ››

Learn how to be healthy before you get pregnant, and how to get yourself into a steady, healthy routine during your early moments of being pregnant. Being healthy is much more than eating right.

Ovulation ››

Ovulation is the shortest phase of a woman’s monthly cycle, yet it’s the most important for those seeking to get pregnant. Find out how long ovulation cycles last, the importance of sex hormones and more.

Sex & Getting Pregnant ››

Ever wonder how sexual positions can play a role in getting pregnant? Many people believe that certain positions, time of day and time of year have an impact on whether or not pregnancy occurs.

Increasing Your Chances ››

Want to increase your chances for getting pregnant? Learn all the different tricks and trades many people have learned over the years to battle issues like infertility.

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