7 Subscription Boxes For New Moms and Moms-to-Be

Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Who doesn’t love to get a little something in the mail? After all, a box full of goodies certainly alleviates the dread associated with bills, or the boredom that comes with getting a bunch of junk day in and day out.

Over recent months and years, beauty boxes have grown in popularity. As the trend continues rising, companies have also narrowed their focus to deliver boxes for a very specific recipient. For example, Birchbox was a sort of pioneer — and continues to be a popular subscription service — but it appeals to a very broad demographic and, as such, can leave recipients wanting. Boxes with a specific target audience, such as Barkbox for dog owners or Plated for foodies, are much more likely to satisfy.

Today we’re rounding up beauty box subscriptions that aim to please the parental crowd. So if you’re a mom — or you know a mom who deserves a treat — check out this list and purchase accordingly.

Happy Mom Box

The Happy Mom Box calls its service a “monthly care package” and contains three to four items specifically for mom, plus bonus variety items from their selection of featured small businesses. It also comes with a print to “inspire and encourage”, and a copy of the Happy Mom Magazine, which is all about celebrating motherhood. Items included run the gamut from snacks to jewelry.


Cost: $29 monthly

Ecocentric Mommy

Moms with green sensibilities will appreciate a box from Ecocentric Mom. This eco-friendly subscription box includes five to nine curated products that are particularly kind to our planet. You can choose from three different box types: Mom Discovery, Mom-to-Be Discovery, or Mom and Baby Discovery.

Eco Centric

Cost: $24 every-other-month

Mama’s Got Mail

The Mama’s Got Mail subscription box is all about making sure mom takes some time for herself. Each box contains several items that are exclusively for mom, such a book she can dive into or a craft project she can enjoy. What’s especially unique about this box, though, is that it also contains “Personal Self Check-Ins” from the founder, which encourage the recipient to sit down and re-connect with herself.

Cost: $49 monthly, or as low as $39/mo when you buy a 6-month subscription

Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane provides three different box types, including one for baby, one for toddler and one for a preschooler. When subscribing to the box, you enter your child’s birth day and they send you the appropriate box type. Citrus Lane selects four to five items for your child and usually an item or two that’s just for Mom.


Cost: $29 monthly, or as low as $19/mo when you buy a 12-year subscription

KLUTCHclub Mom

This is the perfect box for moms into fitness, or moms who want a little encouragement when it comes to getting back into the pre-baby exercise routine. Each box has a health and fitness theme to it and comes with approximately six items. KLUTCHclub does have a regular fitness box, but their Mom box has more parent-centric inclusions.

Cost: $18 monthly, or as low as $16 monthly when you buy a 6-month subscription

Box Me Mommy

This mom-approved subscription box features four to five full sized quality items for mom and baby, coupons, and parenting advice/tips. They also host giveaways and donate $1 from every box to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. You can choose from three different boxes: Mommy + One Baby, Exclusively for Mommy, or Mommy + 2 Babies. Use code MOMMY for 50% off you first box.

Cost: $21, $29, $33 monthly (depending on box type). Cheaper rates for longer-term subscriptions.


Here’s a great box for women who are still part of the pregnant crowd and consistently outgrowing their clothes. Preggonista sends you a monthly box — all the way up to your due date — that features a clothing item based on your size, as well as an accessory to help pull your outfits together. The boxes also include a pregnancy-approved beauty item to help you feel more beautiful.


Cost: $55 monthly

This page was last updated on 06/2017
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