A Guide to The Perfect Pampering Session and Mommy Makeover

A Guide to The Perfect Pampering Session and Mommy Makeover

Perhaps you’re a new mother looking for a way to treat yourself. Or maybe you’re a friend, a spouse, or a family member who’s looking for the perfect way to treat the rockstar momma in your world. Either way, there are plenty of ways to go about doing so.

Today we’re recommending a “mommy makeover,” which consists of a head to toe pampering experience that makes the recipient not only feel good, but look more refreshed and more rested.

If you’re setting this day up for someone else, call in advance to book all the sessions, provide all the gift cards or cash, and make it a really special day. Note that a pamper session isn’t cheap, of course, but you can shop around for discounts or look at deal websites for specials to help reduce the cost.

9 AM: The Mani/Pedi

It’s kind of a no brainer, but this mommy makeover pampering session should definitely include a manicure and pedicure session. You can often book these in advance at whatever spa you prefer.

We recommend splurging for the extra treatment – maybe it’s a mud mask to really soften your feet, a hot stone massage for your legs, or the longer-than-normal hand massage.

Choose colors for your toes and nails that will make you happy. Think cheery yellows, a perfect crimson, or a color that reminds you of someone or something special in your life. Tip: Bring tea or coffee to maximize relation.

10:30 AM: The Massage

Relax even more with the help of a full body massage. The word of the day is pamper, so opt for something that’s truly rejuvenating and calming. Maybe it’s a partially guided meditation session, or maybe it’s…

12 PM: Lunch Time

Hit up your favorite local lunch place, or at least indulge in your favorite kind of food. Maybe it’s a super colorful, veggie-centric entrée, or maybe it’s Thai food that you’ve been craving for months. Plan for a friend to join you, or bring your favorite book or music player and just relax the hour away while you eat.

1 PM: A Little Shopping

This one is optional, but a new dress and shoes, or even just some accessories, can really make a lady feel like a new woman. Give yourself permission to treat yourself to something that you feel beautiful wearing. Maybe it’s as simple as a new pair of earrings or a bag you’ve been eyeing for a while. Whatever it is, buy it without apology and with all your enthusiasm.

3:30 PM: The Facial – “Mother’s Mask Trio”

Close out your day of pampering with a facial, which will not only feel good in the moment, but will have lasting effects. Healthy, happy, vibrant skin makes for a healthy, happy, vibrant mom.

We spoke with NYC-based board certified dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day, to determine which treatments may be best for a worn out, tired mom.  She recommended something called the “mother’s mask,” which helps address a series of “problem areas” that new moms face.

Dr. Day, who you can talk to directly on RealSelf.com – a website where those interested in an assortment of treatments and procedures can have their questions answered by a pro – says that the following treatments are often done post-breastfeeding, so keep that in mind.

  • Tired Eyes: Those sleepless nights are catching up to you and making themselves known via the sensitive tissue under your eyes. Dr. Day prescribes hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers like Belotero and Restylane. If fillers aren’t your thing, opt for an alternative. For example, ask your esthetician to use products that are highly moisturizing and plumping around your eyes.
  • Redness: Pushing during childbirth can sometimes causes broken blood vessels and facial redness, so you’re not alone if you’ve experienced this. Dr. Day says Fraxel is her go-to for redness relief when new mommies come asking for help.
  • Melasma: Whether it’s from all of the hormonal changes during pregnancy or getting back on birth control post-pregnancy, melasma is a very common problem. She performs melasma-specific chemical peels and photofacials to treat any dark spots after baby arrives. 

End of the Day

A true day of pampering should be finished by more of the same. Again, give yourself – or the new mom – permission to relax and enjoy the rest of her evening. Maybe that entails a home cooked meal (not by her!) or order-in service. Coming home to a clean house, preferably with soft, ambient lighting, her favorite music and a cozy, comfortable bed will make her feel like all is right with the world.

This page was last updated on 06/2017
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