8 Super Fun Gender Reveal Party Ideas

gender reveal party ideas

Before we dive into gender reveal party ideas, let’s first discuss what a gender reveal party even is. It goes without saying that ever since humans existed and were having babies, learning the sex of a child was always highly anticipated. It’s kind of a big deal.

While in antiquated times there were heavy political and societal views on the matter, learning the sex of your child in today’s modern world is much more lighthearted and fun. Plus, you get to find out way before the actual birth, which makes room for what has now been dubbed “gender reveal parties.”

The premise is simple: reveal the sex of your child. Only, the key is to do it in a very creative way. Sometimes the parents of the child already know and are simply revealing the sex to their friends and family. More often than not, though, it’s a surprise to everyone, parents included, except the very few who orchestrate the party. Having a photographer there to photograph a gender reveal party is a good idea. She’ll capture all those surprised expressions and document the joy experienced by all.

Get Silly With Silly String

This is a super fun idea that’ll have people up and moving around. Not to mention, it makes for some seriously amazing pictures. Whoever’s in charge should buy enough pink or blue cans of silly string for everyone attending the party. Then, cover them well in white paper and tie some pink and blue ribbon around them for an aesthetic kick. On the count of three, spray the soon-to-be parents with string.

Buoyant Balloons in a Box

For an inexpensive gender reveal party idea that packs a lot of wow, opt for helium-filled balloons in either pink or blue and secure them in a large box. Decorate the box for extra measure. Once you’re ready to reveal the sex, open the box and watch the appropriately-colored balloons float into the air! Check out our buoyant balloons in a box on pinterest!

Stuffed Animal in a Box

Instead of balloons in a large box, try a stuffed animal in a smaller box. The person in charge of this party should locate either a blue or pink stuffed animal to put inside. Alternatively, just dress the stuffed animal in either pink or blue clothing.

Scratch Off Cards

Etsy seller EnchantingByDesign sells adorable gender reveal scratch off cards that will say either boy or girl on them once scratched off. A set of 10 only costs $4 and this makes for a really fun and clever way to reveal the sex of your baby. Plus, guests will have a little souvenir to take home!


Food is a favorite route to take and your options are limitless. Some ideas include baking a pink or blue cake and then covering with white frosting. When the parents cut into the cake, the baby’s sex is revealed. You can do this on a smaller scale with cupcakes, too. Just have them filled with some pink or blue frosting. More food ideas: Cookies filled with blue or pink candies, white chocolate dipped cake pops with either pink or blue filling and cherry or blueberry pie. We’ve also got some great ideas on pinterest.

Super Soaker Squirt Gun

This one’s similar to the silly string idea. You can have enough squirt guns for everyone in your party or just have two — one for mom and one for dad. Whoever’s in charge should fill the squirt guns with pink or blue liquid. Once you’re ready to reveal, have a fun little shoot off. Make sure you wear white so the color really stands out!

Colorful Confetti

Another gender reveal party idea that makes a pick impact is confetti. Whoever’s in charge can either buy pink or blue confetti or, alternatively, make their own by cutting up streamer paper into small squares. The latter will have more of a flutter effect, which is nice for pictures. Fill a small bucket or box with confetti, decorate it appropriately and then add a string that, once pulled, will release the confetti. You can also fill a balloon with confetti and then paint it so you can’t see the color inside. For the reveal, just pop it!

Party Poppers

You can find party poppers in various colors in most party supply stores. You’ll want to cover them with paper or paint them to hide the actual color. Once you’re ready to reveal the sex, have everyone stand in a circle around the soon-to-be-parents and pull the plug on their party poppers. Instead of buying, you could always DIY it like AlphaMom.com did! She gives the tutorial here.


This page was last updated on 06/2017
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