7 Maternity Fashion Tips for The Everyday, Pregnant Woman


Whether you’re a fan of fashion and love to wear all the latest and greatest designs, or you’re someone who really couldn’t care less about what’s “on trend,” one fact remains the same: you’ve got to dress yourself. More than that, though, you’ve got to dress your changing, pregnant body.

We here at Pregnancy Corner are staunch advocates of creating a budget and wearing what you think is comfortable and flattering. That said, it’s always nice to fall back on a little guidance from people who know their stuff. As luck would have it, we’ve got some excellent tips from fashion experts below, so listen up.

1. Be Open to Trying New Sizes
Going up a size, or wearing a size you’re simply not used to wearing, can make you feel uneasy. The end goal, though, is to look and feel fabulous, so forget about that number on your tag.

“Remember that there is no standard measurement for sizing, so sizes differ from brand to brand,” notes Amanda Lehto, head designer at TOMgirl Apparel. “You may be used to wearing a medium in one brand, but a medium in a new brand could fit completely different.”

2. Flowing Clothes Are Comfy and Flattering
“Shop for clothing styles that are meant to fit loosely,” advises Jordan Tesfay, the first plus size COVERGIRL and mother to her 11-month-old girl, Zara. “Swing or baby doll dresses, tunic tops worn with stretch leggings, and clothing with overall stretch, will become go to pieces while pregnant, and may even be worn post pregnancy.”

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Form-FittingĀ 
Flowing fabrics are good, but don’t feel like you can’t wear tighter clothes, either. For example, a top that stretches over your bump can be super adorable, especially when paired with a free-flowing skirt or loose trousers. Maxi dresses can look just as sweet and work well in warmer climates.

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4. Choose Fabrics With Stretch
Speaking of stretch, it’s a good idea to choose clothes made from stretchy, flexible materials. “You’ll get the most mileage out of your maternity wear by choosing fabrics such as nylon and spandex that will adapt to your growing belly,” explains Lehto. In other words, as you grow — and as you shrink — your clothing will continue working with your body.

5. Don’t Get Stuck in The Maternity Department
Fact: maternity clothing is a specialty department and, as such, can sometimes be more expensive. There are also fewer options if you neglect all the other aisles.

“Look outside of the maternity clothes department,” insists Tesfay. “Great clothing, at reasonably prices, can easily be found by searching the plus size section of your favorite retailer.” You can likely find some options in the straight-sized sections, as well.

6. Accessories Are Forever
If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and don’t have the budget — or stamina — to go shopping for new clothes, you’re not alone. Just remember this motto: accessories are your friend. Accessories can transform an entire look, plus they can be worn before, during and after your pregnancy.

7. Look for Designs With Adjustibility
“Many maternity brands now offer more options for adjusting your maternity wear,” notes Lehto. “If you are starting to show, you’ll want a garment that fits in the middle of the adjusting capability, so you can loosen it now and tighten it back up later after delivery.” Lehto says that this type of clothing allows you to wear your maternity clothing even after you’ve given birth.

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This page was last updated on 06/2017
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