What You Need To Know About Creating A Baby Registry On Amazon

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time for you to start thinking about your baby shower. What theme are you going to have? Will it be gender specific? Who do you want to invite? What are you going to feed them?

With so many unanswered questions, it can almost seem overwhelming at times.

However, when it comes to baby registries, most parents-to-be will tell you it’s their favorite part about throwing a baby shower.

It’s their time to pick and choose their favorite items they’d love for their new baby to have. And who doesn’t love shopping??

With so much competition like Baby’s R Us and BuyBuyBaby, sometimes people forget Amazon offers a baby registry too. And with Amazon, the possibilities are endless!

We have a wealth of information for you, but first… let’s go over how you actually create a baby registry on Amazon.

Step 1: Click Here to go to the baby registry


Step 2: Fill in your name and due date. 


Step 3: Add the #1 mom-recommended item

Click on the Browse the Baby Story button.


Step 4: Click on Nursery



Step 5: Click on Swaddling


Step 6: Click on the Summer Infant SwaddleMe

You can click here to go directly to the product page.


Step 7: Click Add to Baby Registry


Congrats! You’ve added your first item! Here’s what you should do next:

You have two great options:

1. Continue shopping using the search bar (step 1) for more items to add to your list or you can do something more spectacular.

2. Amazon offers a Universal Registry. The easiest way to get there is to click here or type it into Amazon’s search bar… the same way you searched for your Baby Registry and first item. You’ll see the button to click in the search results. It will look something like this:


Click the Universal Registry button the green arrow is pointing to in the image above to learn more about it’s features. Hint: Amazon’s Universal Registry allows you to add items to your registry that are on other websites, inside other stores, and created by other companies! Please note that you must be on desktop to use the Universal Registry option.

You’ll need to download the plugin and follow the instructions. And after reading lots and lots of reviews, it seems like it’s worth it – especially if you have family and friends that still like to go into an actual store to buy stuff.

In fact, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing the plugin for the Universal Registry, you can always create more than one registry at other places. There are plenty of worldwide stores that offer registries.

A couple of things to keep in mind…. 

  • You can get an additional 15% off if you’re an Amazon Mom Member. Find out more!
  • Not everyone shops online. So giving them options like multiple registries may increase your chances of getting everything you want and need.
  • On Amazon, out of stock items cannot be added. Sad face.
  • If people do shop on Amazon, they can get free shipping if they spend over $25!
  • You can add anything on the Amazon website to your registry, not just baby stuff. Bring on the movies, books, and cookware!
  • Returns are FREE for the first 90 days, and it’s super easy to ship your items back. All you need to do is print the shipping label and send it back. Plus, Amazon will credit your account back with the amount of the returned item.

This page was last updated on 06/2017
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