9 Weeks Pregnant

During the ninth week of pregnancy, you and your baby are going through many changes very rapidly. If you haven’t already, you may be preparing for your first prenatal visit with your health care provider. To make things easier for your doctor, you may want to write down some things about yourself, including medications, exercise habits, eating habits, and medical history.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 9 Weeks

Your uterus is still growing, and should be close to the size of a cantaloupe at nine weeks pregnant. You’re probably feeling extra bloated and maybe a bit lethargic, but remember that this is mainly due to the hormones that are floating around in your system.

You may be noticing weight gain, but it’s likely more due to water retention than the baby. Many women experience severe mood swings and other pregnancy symptoms during this week, but again, this is due to the hormones (especially progesterone) in your system.

Some of the pregnancy symptoms that are still present — such as aches and pains, bloating, and fatigue — will last throughout your pregnancy.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is now out of the embryonic period and into the fetal period. At just an inch long, your baby still weighs around three grams, about the same as during the eighth week of pregnancy.

Most of your baby’s physical features are in place, such as the head, legs, and arms. The head is the largest of the extremities.

During the ninth week your baby begins to put on weight. The tail that was once there should have disappeared by now, and the organs and muscles should be functioning on their own.

His or her eyelids will fuse together, or shut, and will reopen again during the 27th week of pregnancy. Although the sex organs are developed, your doctor won’t be able to distinguish them yet.

That will happen during the second trimester. Your baby’s heart should also have divided into four separate chambers, and will be pumping rapidly (this is normal).


Pregnancy Week 9 Tips

If you’re struggling with pregnancy stress and anxiety during this week, find a support group to join. This will help you get out of the house, and talking to other moms-to-be will help you cope with the feelings you are experiencing.

These support groups can be found on the Internet, and they exist in nearly every town or city. There are also professionals who deal specifically with pregnant women and can help calm your emotions and help your spouse or partner cope as well.

You should also learn to keep communication lines open with your partner. This will help him understand what you are going through and why.

The way you are feeling right now is completely normal, even though it’s probably anything but normal for you. Talking with others, especially your partner, will help everyone understand what is going on.

Has it occurred to you yet, that by this time next week you’ll be 10 weeks pregnant?! Time’s flying!!

Photo Credit: Alishia Monarrez 9 weeks pregnant

Photo Credit: Alishia Monarrez 9 weeks pregnant

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