7 Weeks Pregnant

Seven weeks into your pregnancy, a lot of things are happening with you and your baby. You’re midway through your first trimester and everything is moving quite quickly. If you haven’t looked into getting an OB/GYN, now is probably a good time to do so, as critical tests and check-ups will be necessary from now until the birth of your baby.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 7 Weeks

Although you’re probably not showing much at this stage, you are more than likely feeling very pregnant and bloated. Some women begin to show a small swelling in their lower abdomen; in most cases the baby is too small to be causing this, and it’s more than likely due to the bloating.

Your favorite pair of jeans may not fit as comfortably as your baggy sweatpants, so maybe during the seventh week it’s best to begin looking into maternity clothes.

You’ll be suffering pregnancy symptoms, including aches and pains, headaches, fatigue, morning sickness, tender breasts, and cravings. Food cravings are beginning to take hold of your life.

You may find yourself craving foods that you once thought were disgusting. This is normal, and as long as it’s healthy for your baby, it’s okay to indulge. One of the major changes that occurs in your body during the seventh week is the development of your mucous plug.

Your cervix is forming a plug in the opening of the cervical canal to seal off the uterus for protection. You’ll eventually lose this plug when labor and childbirth are close.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is growing rapidly in the seventh week, and is close to the size of a blueberry, or up to 13mm in length. The facial features are really beginning to come into focus, as the mouth and tongue are forming.

The eyes begin to form too, and the retina and lens have attached themselves. During this week your baby is developing its own blood type. The muscles, bones, and organs continue to grow, and the intestines and appendix are fully formed.

The liver has begun to produce red blood cells. Your baby’s toes and fingers can be seen in an ultrasound. The teeth and the tongue are forming inside the mouth too, although they are not yet visible.


Pregnancy Week 7 Tips

Talk to your doctor, and if you don’t have one, get one. Make sure you’re taking in the correct foods, medications, and nutrients. It is especially important to take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid.

Everything you put in your mouth from this week on has a significant effect on your baby. It may also be a good idea to look into a support group at this point, as your hormones will continue to rage.

Having others around who understand and know what you’re going through is good for a mother’s soul.

Can you believe next week equals two months?! It’s true! Next week you’ll be 8 weeks pregnant!

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