39 Weeks Pregnant

If you are in your 39th week of pregnancy, get ready to celebrate; it’s almost over! You will be able to welcome your baby home soon enough. Try to enjoy these last moments of pregnancy, as motherhood is sure to bring new stresses and challenges. Your baby is utilizing most of the space inside the womb, and labor pains may begin at any moment. Continue going about your daily routine, but keep in mind that the baby can be born at any time now.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 39 Weeks

You’re likely experiencing discomfort every moment as the 39th week comes and goes. You may be experiencing difficulty getting up from a sitting or lying position. Your breasts will continue to grow and become increasingly sensitive. You may even begin leaking a fluid called colostrum. Every part of your body is beginning to swell, but it’s important to continue drinking lots of water. If you haven’t experienced false labor contractions yet, you may begin to during this week. The easiest way to differentiate false labor contractions from real ones is that real labor contractions will prevent you from walking or talking. If your water breaks during this week, contact your healthcare provider and go immediately to the hospital. The baby is moving closer to your cervix due to a process called effacement, which means that the cervix is becoming softer, thinner, and shorter in preparation for delivery.

Baby’s Development

If your baby is born during this week, he or she will likely be healthy, and all organs will be able to function on their own. The lungs are mature by the 39th week, but they won’t function on their own until after birth. Your baby could weigh as much as seven pounds—or even a little more—if you give birth during this week. If you do not give birth this week, however, your baby will continue to grow. He or she should remain active until birth, so if there is a decrease in movement at this stage, contact your healthcare provider.


Pregnancy Week 39 Tips

If you are having trouble sleeping in your bed, try sleeping in a recliner. Many expectant moms find this position more comfortable during these final weeks of pregnancy. Continue drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet. Try to appreciate these final days of pregnancy by spending quiet time engaged in stress-relieving activities. Remember, however, that while it’s important to relax, it’s also important to remain active. Get plenty of exercise whenever you can, and try to go for a walk each day. Your baby will be here soon enough. Hang in there, Mom! Find out what happens next with your pregnancy at 40 weeks.

Photo Credit: Leah Janci 39 weeks pregnant

Photo Credit: Leah Janci 39 weeks pregnant

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