14 Weeks Pregnant

During the fourteenth week of pregnancy you may feel like you can finally relax, since your body has pretty much adjusted to the internal changes that have been happening. You have entered the second week of your second trimester, and although the critical stages of your baby’s development have come and gone, it’s still extremely important that you watch what you eat.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 14 Weeks

Most of the worst of your pregnancy symptoms have probably disappeared by this point. As your waistline continues to expand, you will continue to gain weight.

Be careful, as at this point your appetite will increase and you’ll feel the need to “eat for two.” Your spots and freckles will continue to darken and your breasts will continue to be sensitive, possibly growing in size as you prepare for lactation.

You may find new moles on your body, but this is normal. Mood swings tend to increase during the second trimester, but talking with a support group, your partner, or your healthcare provider can help with this problem.

Your Baby’s Development

Finally, your baby’s body is catching up with its rather large head. The ears and eyes continue to shift into their correct positions, as the ears move to the sides of the head and the eyes draw closer to one another.

As the neck grows longer, your baby’s chin lifts from its chest. The muscle reflexes continue to develop, but the baby is still too small for any of the resulting movements to be felt by Mom.

The baby is drawing all its nutrients directly from the placenta, so again, it’s very important you watch what you put into your mouth. The baby is fully developed and is growing larger, and the system is continuing to expand.

During an ultrasound examination, you’ll be able to see that the baby is opening and clenching its fists and spreading its fingers apart. The baby’s heart is beating twice as fast as yours, but this is normal.

The baby is three inches long and weighs nearly an ounce by this week. Your baby will be able to suck his or her thumb at this stage, and make facial expressions like frowning and squinting.

Plus, the liver of the baby begins to produce bile while the spleen begins to produce red blood cells.


Pregnancy Week 14 Tips

As your appetite increases, it’s important that you continue to eat properly and exercise accordingly. If you feel you have gained too much weight, do not begin any sort of diet, as this may deny your baby the crucial nutrients it needs to continue to grow.

Start an exercise routine, after discussing it with your doctor, and make sure you eat smaller portions more frequently throughout each day. Next is pregnancy at 15 weeks.

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