When Do You Take Maternity Photos?

A Guide To Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a very special period, and many women miss out on having a keepsake of the moment by not having maternity photos done. There are many benefits to having maternity photos done for both pregnant women and their families. Photos serve as a memento of the pregnancy and can be shown to family, friends, and eventually the new child as he or she grows up.

Besides being a keepsake of such a memorable event, maternity photos can also help relieve the stress and anxieties that many pregnant women face. Pregnancy can be a tumultuous time, with hormones off balance, uncertainties, and body changes that can  be emotionally draining. Many pregnant women find that the weight they have gained (in addition to other body changes) makes them feel less pretty and less sexy, which can lead to less confidence and more stress. A good photographer can alleviate this by producing photos that show just how beautiful and magical a pregnancy really is.

maternity photos

www.tummies2tots.net / Andrea Loftin

The same relief and comfort can be provided to spouses, children, and other family members as well by having them in the picture. Having these treasured individuals in the photos shows that they are important people for the pregnancy and the family. This is especially effective for children as they are not fully aware of what is going on but can be included. Spouses may also find maternity photos a way of helping and being a part of the pregnancy.

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www.tummies2tots.net/ Andrea Loftin

When to Take Maternity Photos

All women will grow at different rates, which mean bellies will all be at different sizes. For good maternity photos, the women should have a very sizable belly but still be able to move and attend at least an hour session. Having photos done between 30 weeks and 35 weeks of the pregnancy is an ideal choice as most bellies are really protruding and it is not too far into the pregnancy. For special shots where the pregnant women will have to be in poses that require more movement or flexibility, doing it earlier is also an option.

How to Choose a Maternity Photos Photographer

Just like choosing any type of photographer, the first step is to look at the photographer’s portfolio to see if the pictures match styles desired. All photographers should provide some sample work either on their website or in an album. Check out a few photographers and select the ones desired. Next check the prices to see which can provide the best prices. Prices set on websites or advertisements may not be set in stone and some photographers may offer discounts or other incentives so it is a good idea to call around.

Also be sure to talk to the photographers about shot ideas to insure that they will be providing exactly what is wanted. For example a photographer may know the area better than another and is more capable of getting certain types of shots. A good photographer will also ask what the client is looking for and research possible settings and poses.

If you are happy with your photographer now is also a great time to discuss baby photos as well. Talking with the photographer will allow a flow of ideas for baby pictures and getting pictures within the first 7 days of arrival can result in some charming photos.

brand new soul

https://brandnewsoul.com/ Brand New Soul Photography

How Much Do Maternity Photos Cost?

The cost of maternity photos is going to depend on the photographer and the length of the session. Prices can range from $100 per hour to $500 per hour or more but the price the photographer charges doe not necessarily result in better photos. Sessions will generally last up to two hours. Some photographers offer a rate for in studio sessions and some may charge more for on the field sessions.

Unique Maternity Photos

Having plain photos may not be as exciting, so here are a few ideas from some talented photographers. The first is the silhouette shot which is provided by Andrea Loftin. The shot captures the outline of the tummy and with such a magnificent background.

tummy maternity

www.tummies2tots.net/ Andrea Loftin

Rare settings can create magical photos and this one from Brooke Clark of Studio B Portraits is a perfect example. This shot is hard to achieve but as seen from the photo, is well worth the effort. Visit www.studiobportraits.com to learn more about her services.

tummies 2 tots

www.studiobportraits.com / Brooke Clark

Candid shots can also show a natural love and sensation and this shot provided by Kira Bériault does just that. The photo has a loving, sweet, and familiar feel and can be displayed anywhere. For more photos from Kira visit www.kiraberiault.com.

candid maternity photo

www.kiraberiault.com / Kira Bériault

Shots with children can create very adorable photos especially combined with belly shots. This photo not only shows the belly but also shows the playful nature of kids for an expert combination. The photo is provided by Leila Hunt of www.lhuntphotography.net.

leila maternity photos

www.lhuntphotography.net / Leila Hunt

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