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Started 2 years

I’ve been spotting for almost a week my cycle is usually moderate to heavy flow over been experiencing cramping and my period is a week and a half late. Could I be pregnant?

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Started 8 months

I need help..
I am 6 weeks pregnant today 8th aug morning i noted some spotting in it normal??now its 11 am here and i am not spotting any tummy is feeling heavy and both sides of hips are paining lightly (one side at one time) times..i had these pains before today too but is concerned now coz of other discomforts pain or bleeding yet.
Thank you

Started 1 year

So I had my period jan 3rd through Jan 7th. I had spotting on Jan 16th/17. Exactly how my other 2 pregnancies were. I am not trying to get pregnant at the moment and I am on birth control pills. When can I test? Nursing mama aND have noticed decrease in milk supply. Thank you so much.
Also taking doxycycline for 10days to rid bronchitis and was not informed this makes birth control null and void.
Can I be pregnant ?

Started 12 months

Now im 6weeks pregnancy. But this two days i got spot blood and its didnt stop yet. Is that normal during 6weeks pregancy? I already met my doctor, he asked me to get more rest and keep consume anti biotic and folic asid.. Im so worry..

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