Am I Pregnant? Symptoms, Signs & Testing

Am I Pregnant?Many women ask themselves everyday… Am I Pregnant? For some it’s an easy question, one that doesn’t need testing or symptoms to figure out. For others, knowing more about pregnancy symptoms and signs, as well as pregnancy tests is crucial to answer that question. Learn all about taking a pregnancy test, how to read one, where to go to get one, and more. Also learn about the symptoms you may be experiencing as you await your menstrual cycle.
What's Inside Am I Pregnant?
Think You're Pregnant? Think You’re Pregnant? See if you are showing any signs of pregnancy

Are You Pregnant? Are You On You’re Period or Are You Pregnant? See our early signs of pregnancy list

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Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Am I Pregnant?Not all women experience pregnancy symptoms at the same time. Some start experiencing certain symptoms right away, while others take longer, and others never experience anything at all.

Pregnancy Tests: Seeing If You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy TestingTaking a pregnancy test can be an experiment if you’re unsure about the process. Before you go out and purchase a pregnancy test, learn about what could go wrong, what could go right and everything in between.

Bloating in Pregnancy

Bloating happens to lots of women right before their periods, but it also is an early pregnancy sign.

Missed Period and Pregnancy

This is one of the most symptoms of pregnancy. Sometimes during implantation a woman will bleed lighter and for a much shorter period of time, usually a day or two. If this happens, and your menstrual cycle has not kicked into high gear, you may be pregnant.

Pseudocyesis (False Pregnancy)

Pseudocyesis, also known as false pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, or hysterical pregnancy, is a form of somatoform disorder—i.e., a psychosomatic condition—that causes a woman to believe she is pregnant despite medical evidence to the contrary.
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