Sex After Miscarriage

Sex after miscarriage is a very controversial topic. There is considerable disagreement about whether it’s safe, and about how long a woman should wait to resume having sexual intercourse. For many women it’s an emotional debate. Some women cannot get themselves “in the mood” for sex for weeks or even months after a miscarriage. Recovery after a miscarriage can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, and many experts believe there should be a time frame after miscarrying during which women avoid sexual intercourse, as well as the insertion of tampons, douches, etc. Many doctors recommend waiting at least two weeks after a miscarriage to resume sexual activity or place anything in the vagina.

When It’s Safe to Have Sex Again

In most cases, it’s safe to resume sex after a miscarriage once the miscarriage bleeding has stopped. Generally this takes two weeks, although all women are different. You should wait until after the bleeding stops in order to give your cervix time to close up. Sex during this time increases your chances of infection in the uterus.

Waiting For Your Period

If you and your partner want to begin trying to conceive, you should wait until after your first menstrual cycle following the miscarriage. In most cases your first period won’t arrive until after four weeks or so. It takes about three weeks for your hormone levels to recover from the miscarriage. Some women believe that the brownish or yellowish discharge from the vagina at this time is a sign of fertility, but it is not. Many experts say that it’s important for a woman to give herself time to grieve and heal from her loss before trying again. In the past, we would tell women to wait three months before trying again. Nowadays, I recommend waiting one month, and then you may try.

Chances of Getting Pregnant Again

Many women have gotten pregnant again in as little as two weeks after a miscarriage. Couples who want to avoid pregnancy but want to resume sexual intercourse immediately should use contraceptives. Chances are high that a woman can get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage, but many health care professionals agree that it is best for a woman to wait until she has physically and emotionally healed before trying to conceive again.


This page was last updated on 06/2017

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