Sex & Getting Pregnant

Sex plays such a major role in pregnancy, however, did you know that sex is just part of the puzzle? There are so many keys to getting pregnant and sexual intercourse is just a part of it all. If you have questions about sex before pregnancy, you’re in the right spot. Our comprehensive guides are here to give you tips, advice and information about sex while trying to conceive. Learn about sexual positions for baby making, plus much more in this intriguing and exciting new section.

  • Sex After Miscarriage >

    Having sex after a miscarriage can be a difficult thing for some couples. Learn when it’s safe, how long you should wait, and more in this article. Find out your chances for conceiving again.

  • Sexual Positions for Gender Selecting >

    There are many myths surrounding the topic of gender selection. However, there is scientific evidence that focuses on the characteristics of the X and Y chromosomes, and how their characteristics can play a role in determining a gender.

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