Increase Your Chances

Understanding what it takes to get pregnant, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get pregnant any time soon. Learn about the different ways you can increase your chances of conceiving on the first try, without the use of fertility treatments. Also learn about different tips and tricks to help you reach your goal of creating a family. Whether you’re trying to use different sexual positions to make a boy or girl, or if you’re just trying to conceive, our guides can help.

  • The Shettles Method >

    This method of gender selecting utilizes different sexual positions when trying to conceive a boy or girl. Understand what the shettle’s method can do for you and your future.

  • Tips For Getting Pregnant >

    Need tips to get pregnant? You’re not alone. Many people use a few tricks, bits of advice and more to help them conceive. Our guide helps you understand your body and how to treat your body in those crucial times when you’re trying to conceive.

    [Page updated June 2017]