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If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s extremely important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a nutritious diet everyday can help prevent fertility issues and keep your menstrual and ovulation cycles on track, which is important if you’re trying to conceive. This section is dedicated to helping you understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, nutrition and overall health are what’s important for an expectant mother and her growing baby.

  • Folic Acid, Pregnancy, and Your Health >

    Learn what benefits come from taking the right amount of folic acid each day. Also learn how you can sneak folic acid into your meals without realizing it. Folic acid is very beneficial for your unborn baby, however it’s amazing for you and everyone else too.

  • Nutrition After Childbirth >

    While pregnant, a woman may change her diet in order to support the new nutritional needs of her body and her growing baby. After giving birth, it’s important to continue to maintain those good nutritional habits in order to support healing. The goal of nutrition immediately after childbirth should not necessarily be to lose weight, […]

  • Pregnancy Health Insurance >

    More than 40 million Americans are without health insurance and many of the people who are insured, are underinsured. It’s critical for an expectant mother to have some form of insurance or assistance while she is pregnant. Learn about the government programs and options for an uninsured parent.

  • Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy >

    Are you pregnant and can’t quit smoking cigarettes? Sometimes knowing the harm smoking can cause to a growing baby is not enough motivation to help a mother stop smoking, and stronger measures are required. If you are having trouble quitting smoking during pregnancy, there is help. But first, you have to make a commitment to […]

  • What to Eat While Breastfeeding >

    There is no need to count calories while breastfeeding, but you should pay attention to the quality of the foods you are eating. A good post-pregnancy diet for breastfeeding moms means eating the right balance of healthy food and maintaining the same daily fluid intake you did during pregnancy.

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