Bryan Jick, MD, FACOG

Bryan Jick, MD, FACOG


Bryan S. Jick, M.D. is a Board-certified Ob/Gyn who has been in private practice in Pasadena, California for over 25 years. Dr. Jick is the senior partner and founder of Fair Oaks Women’s Health, a five-provider private Ob/Gyn group practice in Pasadena. Dr. Jick has special expertise in high-risk pregnancy, and to date has delivered almost 200 sets of twins and 20 sets of triplets.

Dr. Jick also utilizes state-of-the-art technology in his practice. Fair Oaks Women’s Health has been using an EMR for more than six years; they store all their ultrasound reports and images digitally; and their web site features a new patient portal. Dr. Jick enjoys writing and he has personally written more than 95 percent of the content on his two websites, and His practice also sends out regular e-newsletters on women’s health issues, featuring articles he has written.

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