Baby Shower Gifts Expectant Parents Secretly Want

Baby Shower Gifts Parents Secretly Want

Whether you’re heading to a baby shower where the expectant parents have registered for loads of gifts or only a sparse few, there’s always another list of gifts that never made the registry. A sort of “secret list,” if you will, of gifts that parents want, but didn’t register for some reason or another. Perhaps it’s an item that doesn’t necessarily read “baby shower” or maybe it’s something that seems slightly frivolous.

Either way, going off the grid — or in this case slightly straying from the registry — could prove worthwhile.

Something Sentimental

Sometimes expectant parents stick with pragmatic baby necessities — such as diapers, cribs and bottles — when registering for gifts. A sentimental gift that lasts a lifetime will always be accepted with loving and grateful arms, though. For example, consider gifting a newborn photo session with a local photographer. Some photographers even offer “milestone packages” which include photo sessions at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old. The latter makes for a great “group gift” from friends, family or even an office.

Another idea is a keepsake or memento that marks this exciting time in their life. One time-old idea is a gift certificate for baby shoe bronzing, which is the process of turning their child’s first pair of shoes into bronze.

“This is a baby present that will literally last a lifetime,” says Robert J. Kaynes, president — and grandson of the founder — of American Bronzing Company. “How many other baby presents last that long? Each time the parents see them, they recall the happy memories of when their baby took his or her first precious steps. And by having the shoes bronzed and on display, they can’t be misplaced or lost in an attic or closet.”


How it works: Once their little one has outgrown those first pair of shoes — which happens far too quickly, by the way — they mail them off with the voucher, wait 6 to 8 weeks and then check their doorstep for a pair of adorable, bronzed baby shoes, forever preserved.

Something Just For Them

Expectant parents tend to be shy when registering for baby gifts and often leave off gifts that they’d just enjoy themselves. Those gifts, though, may ultimately benefit baby.

Take, for example, an instant coffee maker, which also makes decaf coffee and tea if mom’s breast feeding. The joy of “instant coffee” will prove immensely useful when the parents’ hands are full. Mr. Coffee Single Serve is a great budget option and uses pods from a wide range of companies. Keurig is another trusted name in the coffee-making world and they have a huge selection of pods, as well.



Other ideas: an iPod docking station that allows parents to play soothing music in an entire room; a luxury shower head that provides a spa-like experience every time they hop in the shower; or even something as simple as a nice home fragrance item.

Something Decorative

A cozy and inviting nursery will make all those early AM feeding hours so much better. Chances are, Mom and Dad already have the basics, such as a crib, feeding chair and dresser. Help fill in the nursery room “blanks” with smaller, decorative items. (Psst: It helps if you’ve seen the nursery already. Sometimes a quick check on Facebook is all you need!)

Wall art is a great place to start. For example, you can find beautiful, original and affordable prints at, which houses illustrations/paintings/photography by thousands of artists from around the world. The “Animal Park Collage — Nursery Decor” by Claudia Schoen, pictured here, starts at $20 and you can buy it already framed, as well.


Wall decals are another wall art idea and take the place of expensive, commissioned murals. Try, or Target.

Other decor ideas that parents would love: sweet linens in their nursery’s color scheme, mobiles for the crib, cute pillows, organizational cubes/drawers/shelves, rugs and cute lighting fixtures.

This page was last updated on 06/2017
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