8 Top Gifts for First-Time Grandparents

8 Top Gifts for First-Time Grandparents

Being a first time grandparent is kind of a big deal. And any grandma or grandpa will tell you: they can’t wait to spoil the little angels who’ve recently entered their lives. There’s no doubt about it. Your parents, or parents-in-law, will prove immensely helpful over the next 18 or so years. As a thank you for all they do, consider gifting them a small token of your appreciation.

For The House

Useful gifts for the house are always appreciated, grandparent or not. These gift ideas, though, are particularly useful for those with grand kids.

Toy Box

Remember the toy box — AKA treasure chest — at your grandparent’s house? A box full of toys and dress up clothes and craft supplies and virtually everything a kid ever needs? Every grandparent should own one of those boxes. Check out ToysRUs.com or WayFair.com for lots of options in various price brackets. Another idea is to hit the flea market, thrift store or local antique shops to find something with a little historical charm.


Memory Quilt

Movie night with grandma and grandpa isn’t complete without a cozy quilt to snuggle up with. (And a little popcorn doesn’t hurt, either.) Try making your own quilt by following a DIY tutorial, such as this tutorial from MaidenJane.com or this one from TheDIYDish.com.

Customized Family Tree Art

This gift not only gives grandparent’s something to hang on their walls, but it also honors the family’s heritage. You can go as far back as you want to with a little help from websites such as Ancestry.com or USGenWeb.com. Once you have all the information you need, commission a customized family tree, or make one yourself with a template/your own art.

Bragging Materials

You know what grandparents like to do just as much as parents? Brag about the little kiddos in their lives! Bragging materials are a definite do when it comes to gifts for first time grandparents.

Brag Book

From coffee table photo albums to pocket-sized brag books, a collection of photographs makes for a truly sentimental gift. Include pictures from the ultra sound to current-day and also try to include pictures of the grandchild(ren) with grandparents. To make your own, check out Picaboo.com or MyPublisher.com.



Give grandparents the gift of bragging on the run! There are a host of options, but a key chain always proves useful and no grandmother could ever turn down beautiful jewelry. Zazzle.com does great customized key chains at great prices. For jewelry, consider a customized piece with the grand kids’ birth stones and/or names. For example, this personalized necklace from Etsy seller DanglingJewelry is lovely and can be added to over time.


Gadgets, Misc.

Have a set of gadget-savvy grandparents on your hands? No doubt they’ll love anything tech-related.

Digital Camera

A point-and-shoot digital camera is a must for any and every grandparent. They’ll be able to capture all those adorable moments when the kids are at their place or when they take the kids out for an afternoon of fun. The new Canon PowerShot A1400 gets great reviews and is available for under $100.


Photo Printer

If your parents already have a digital camera, consider giving them the ability to print pictures at home. Instant frame-able art for the win! Try shopping gadget-friendly stores, such as BestBuy.com or Amazon.com for great prices. Tip: Read up all on the reviews before you buy.

Collection of Classic Films

From The Wizard of Oz to Disney favorites to E.T. and beyond, every child needs to have access to the classics. There are boxed sets available, or you can create your own mini collection. Here’s IMDb’s “Great Kids Films” list to inspire you.

This page was last updated on 06/2017
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