Stress & Anxiety

When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the first things to change is her mood. Suddenly things that never bothered her before, do. Sometimes things that wouldn’t normally make her cry, do. Negative feelings such as anger, anxiety, stress and depression can control her thoughts, emotions and physicality throughout her pregnancy term if she does not know how to properly handle them. This section is devoted to educating you about the different psychological disorders that can surface while you are pregnant. You will learn how to handle these emotions, treat them, find out where to seek help and also what may trigger or cause them.

  • Depression During Pregnancy >

    Depression during pregnancy can seriously affect both mother and baby; it is not merely “feeling blue”; it is a medical condition that affects the brain.

  • Pregnancy Acupuncture >

    The medical usefulness of acupuncture is controversial. Learn about the benefits and dangers of pregnancy acupuncture.

  • Pregnancy Massage >

    Learn all about the benefits you can receive from a massage while you are pregnant.

  • Working During Pregnancy >

    Being pregnant often feels like a job in itself. Adding a full-time job on top of pregnancy can be exhausting, but it is very doable for most healthy women and comes with many benefits. Unless your job conditions are unsafe or your obstetrician tells you otherwise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue working […]

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