40 Weeks Pregnant

40 Weeks Pregnant : What to Expect

As you and your baby enter the 40th week, both of you can become quite anxious for childbirth. This can be a very happy and exciting time, or a very challenging time for you. Again, hang in there and try to enjoy these last hours with your baby inside of you. Continue preparing his or her arrival as he or she will be here soon enough. However some pregnancies go beyond 40 weeks and a health care provider may decide to induce.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 40 Weeks

As just mentioned, pains are increasing due to the amount of pressure and weight you are gaining, as well as the movements of your baby. There is even less room for him or her to move around in, causing severe pain for you. Not much has changed since last week, as discomfort and pain still plague everything you do. At 40 weeks pregnant it’s important you try to minimize your activities as the baby could come at any moment. This shouldn’t be hard to do as walking, sitting, standing and lying down all seem like a challenge. You will feel an increase in movements in the baby as development is complete and now he or she is trying to find some form of comfort in the tight quarters. There is much more pressure being placed on your bladder, groin, and lower abdomen. These pains that are caused are called false pains. A white substance might begin to secrete from your nipples, this is normal and your body’s way of preparing for childbirth. Cramps throughout your body also continue, so try your best to rest as much as possible.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is pretty much done developing during this last week of pregnancy, and is waiting for the arrival into the new world. All internal organs are functioning, except for the lungs and brain which continue to form and develop after birth. Your baby starts developing immunities that are needed for survival after birth. The fat tissues continue to plump up your baby’s arms, legs, face and cheeks. At this point, if you haven’t given birth your baby can weigh up to 10 lbs. Each baby varies and it depends on the types of foods and nutrients your baby has been receiving. He or she might be as long as 21 inches, as he or she continues to grow minute by minute. All of his or her bones continue to harden, except for the skull which remains soft for delivery. As he or she continues to move around in a small space, your pains increase. Hang in there Mom!


Pregnancy Week 40 Tips

This should be your last week of pregnancy, however for a few of you unlucky ones, the pregnancy term might have 1-2 more weeks to go. You are ready for childbirth and probably feel overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feelings. Do your best to relax and wait for the arrival of your baby. Get your friends and family involved with your hourly condition. If possible, talk to your parents or your partner’s parents, as they have been through this before. Although it may seem too difficult, believe it or not light exercises can help and reduce pains and discomfort. However, if it is too difficult, it’s understandable. Congratulations Mom! Be happy in this exciting time.

[Page updated February 2013]