29 Weeks Pregnant

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Nicholas Fogelson

29 Weeks Pregnant : What to Expect

As your third trimester begins, you are definitely discovering what “pregnant” really means. You should be seeing your healthcare provider on a regular basis to ensure that you and your baby are in good health. Continue to eat right and exercise routinely to promote positive feelings about the pregnancy. To learn more about what you should be eating, visit our Nutrition During Pregnancy page.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 29 Weeks

As your hormones continue to fluctuate, you will experience skin rashes, dryness, and intense itching. Try to refrain from scratching your skin, and keep it moisturized. Severe skin rashes may indicate a medical problem, and should be evaluated by your physician. You may experience mood swings, and you may feel fatigued due to the amount of weight you are gaining. This is normal, as you have likely gained close to 24 pounds by this point. As you learn new ways to walk, sit, stand, and sleep, try taking warm baths to relax your muscles and help you get through some of the aches and pains. Varicose veins may begin to form on your legs, and this too is normal. Use compression stockings and elevate your feet to minimize this. You’re probably still feeling all the pregnancy symptoms you felt last week. Hang in there, Mom; only a couple of months to go!

Baby’s Development

During the twenty-ninth week, your baby’s kicks and punches may be so hard that they take your breath away, and they may cause severe pain. The movements and kicks are happening so frequently at this point that you can actually chart them to keep a record. Your baby should be kicking at least ten times per hour, so if it’s happening less, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

Your baby is continuing to grow, weighing close to three pounds and stretching to over a foot long. You may notice that this growth is causing increased hunger, as your baby uses most of the nutrients you consume to grow more. You may feel like you need to eat again after a meal, but fight this temptation and trust that your baby is receiving all the nutrients it needs. Rapid brain development began last week and continues this week. The muscles and lungs continue to mature, and hearing has improved greatly.


Pregnancy Week 29 Tips

As the baby starts to create more and more blood for its own use, your iron levels may decrease. In order to keep your iron at a healthy level, take in an average of 30 milligrams daily from prenatal vitamins or dietary sources. Iron is crucial for replenishing your red blood cell count. Your healthcare provider may give you a blood test to check for iron deficiency and anemia, and if these are present, he or she may prescribe you an iron supplement until the pregnancy is over. Avoid sleeping on your back; instead lie on your side (usually your left side is best) to make yourself and your baby comfortable and to improve blood circulation. Next is pregnancy at 30 weeks.

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