28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant : What to Expect

As the second trimester comes to a close, the 28th week of pregnancy signifies the beginning of the end of your pregnancy term. From here on out, during doctor’s appointments, your healthcare provider will begin showing you fetal movement charts. If your baby is in the breech position, there is still time for him or her to turn around by the due date. If your baby does not move out of the breech position, you may have to deliver via C-Section. Your blood tests will have also come back, and if your blood contains the Rh antibody, your healthcare provider will give you an anti-D injection during this week, then again in the 36th week.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 28 Weeks

As your uterine applies pressure to your colon, constipation during pregnancy becomes more frequent. This is a very common pregnancy symptom for women who are 28 weeks pregnant and beyond. Plus, other symptoms such as fatigue, leg crams, pregnancy pains, frequent urination, hemorrhoids and insomnia continue to plague your day-to-day life. Braxton Hicks contractions are also happening to most women, however this is a false sign of labor, yet a true sign of what’s to come. Some women also experience heartburn, as the uterus continues to rise above the belly button and apply pressure to the stomach. The average weight gain by this week is in between 17-24 lbs. But again, this number is only a standard number, as every woman and every pregnancy varies, so keep informed and inform your healthcare provider of any worries you may have.

Baby’s Development

At 16 inches long and weighing close to 4 lbs, your baby is continuing to a steady pace. For the last few weeks, the growth seemed to slow, but from this week on, your baby’s growth will start to pick up speed again. You may notice he or she is looking plump. This is due to the fat that continues to build under the skin. The eyes have opened and the eyebrows and eyelids are fully formed. Plus, the eyelashes are now visible. The enzyme system and the endocrinological processes are still developing, and the lungs are still maturing as the third trimester begins. As your baby moves around, you may be feeling kicks and punches more frequently. He or she continues to gain weight, and the brain and the brain tissue increase.


Pregnancy Week 28 Tips

Trips to your doctor for regular check-ups are happening more often these days. It’s important that you take time and write down any questions or concerns you may have before each appointment. Things within your body, as well as with the baby are changing drastically week-to-week, so be prepared for your appointments and don’t hold back. To learn more about Pregnancy Pains that are new to you, read our article for more in depth talk about why and what is causing these pains, plus treatment for relief. Next is pregnancy at 29 weeks.

[Page updated February 2013]