27 Weeks Pregnant

The 27th week of pregnancy is a great milestone for mom and baby. It signifies the last two weeks of the second trimester and the beginning of the final phase of pregnancy. As the due date nears, this is an exciting time for the parents, grandparents, siblings, other family members, and friends. Hang in there, Mom; there are only a few more months to go!

Symptoms and Body Changes at 27 Weeks

At 27 weeks, you may be fighting food cravings. Keep in mind that you only need 300–500 extra calories per day to remain healthy and to provide your baby with sufficient nutrients. As your uterus continues to grow and put pressure on your upper chest area, you may be experiencing chest pains or shortness of breath. This is normal, but talk to your healthcare provider about this issue if you are concerned. You may also be experiencing swelling in your face, neck, hands, feet, ankles, legs, and just about everywhere else. Try resting on your left side and relaxing as much as possible to help cope with this common pregnancy symptom.

Baby’s Development

As the end of the second trimester arrives, your baby should be close to 15 inches in length and weigh over two pounds. As the eyes continue to develop, the layers of the retina are forming, and the membrane that covers the eyes separates to form eyelids. You may notice that your baby is developing its own waking and sleeping patterns. This is normal, and many doctors suggest you try to rest as much as possible while the baby is resting. The tissues and grooves in your baby’s brain continue to form. Some experts believe that the baby begins to dream at this point, but there is no conclusive proof that this is happening. You may also feel your baby hiccuping as their lungs continue to mature and they inhale and exhale amniotic fluid.


Pregnancy Week 27 Tips

If you have not decorated your new baby’s room yet, try getting out and about, walking down the baby aisles, and doing a little shopping. This easy form of exercise is good for you and baby, but it’s also good for your soul. If you have decorated your baby’s new room, spend more time in there. Reading a book to your baby that you plan on reading after he or she is born is a great way to bond and familiarize baby with your voice. Also, listening to music or sounds of the environment on CD can help to calm a restless baby who’s moving more frequently inside the womb.

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Photo credit: Chelsea Luscott 27 weeks pregnant, ultrasound

Photo credit: Chelsea Luscott 27 weeks pregnant, ultrasound

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