All About Being Pregnant

being pregnant
In this section you’ll learn all about being pregnant, from the week-by-week calendar, to interpreting the ultrasounds. You’ll also learn about the things that can go wrong during a pregnancy, such as losing the baby through miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. And also learn about multiple births and how this can affect everyone around the pregnant mother.
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Health & Nutrition ››

In this section, you’ll learn about the different food groups, the ‘no-no’ list, plus many other key elements to help you live a healthy lifestyle while you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy and Sex

Many people wonder if it’s safe or not to have sex during a pregnancy. The truth is, every woman is different. However, as long as it’s okay with the woman and doctor, sex can be perfectly safe during all stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Complications ››

Even healthy, low-risk pregnancies can’t avoid some pregnancy complications. Learn about the different complications that can occur in each of the trimesters, plus learn about preventive and treatment options that are designed to help an expectant mother and her baby remain safe.

Pregnancy FAQ

If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for through our informative articles, please stop by our frequently asked questions page and have a look around. These answers are devoted to those who are pregnant.

Pregnancy Pains ››

Pain during pregnancy is inevitable. From your toes to your head and everything in between eventually aches while you’re pregnant. Learn which pains are normal and which ones are signs and symptoms of a more serious problem

Pregnancy Stress & Anxiety ››

During pregnancy, many women experience negative feelings and attitudes towards people, situations and other things. Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are inevitable while a woman’s hormones are constantly changing through each trimester. Learn about the different emotions many pregnant women face, and how to deal with these trying times.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are a great way to begin and continue connecting and bonding with your baby. It gives a unique look into the mother, allowing the outside world to sneak a peak. However, ultrasounds are also used to help detect problems early on. Learn more about ultrasounds, and what they do.

Pregnancy Week by Week ››

What week are you in? Do you know how big your baby is? Are you wondering what is happening to you? Your developing baby is changing and growing rapidly as each week passes. Learn all about the growth and development of your baby, as well as the changes occuring inside and out of you.

Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with one child can be difficult enough, having more than one in there can be down right tiring! Learn about the differences between multiples, complications that can arise during the pregnancy, as well as signs and symptoms that you might be pregnant with twins.

When Do You Start Showing During Pregnancy?

One of the most popular questions women ask when they find out they’re pregnant, is ‘when will I start showing?’ Find out more information about the first, second, and third trimester, and why you may or may not be showing yet.

When Do You Take Maternity Photos?

Maternity photos are not just keepsakes of a memorable moment but can also help bring families closer together and help calm down all those emotions and feelings of rapid change. Check out some beautiful photos and learn more about getting photos done.

Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

When women experience pain in their abdominal region they often panic, but some abdominal pain is normal, although severe pain and cramping is not. Learn about the abdominal pain many women go through at different stages of their pregnancy.

Acne During Pregnancy

Skin problems are common during pregnancy, and pregnant women often suffer from acne. While the acne will abate after delivery, it can cause significant distress for women who have extensive blemishes on their faces or elsewhere on their bodies.


Amniocentesis is a medical procedure in which a long, hollow needle is used to draw amniotic fluid from a pregnant woman’s uterus in order to test for various abnormalities that may affect the health of her baby. Many women find this procedure terrifying, but it is sometimes necessary in order to determine a fetus’s chances for survival and a healthy life.

Bleeding During Pregnancy

Unlike spotting, real bleeding during pregnancy is a serious issue. Medical attention should be sought if you are bleeding heavily. It doesn’t matter which trimester you are in. If you are bleeding while you are pregnant, you must find out the cause immediately.

Chorionic Villus Sampling

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a test conducted during the first trimester in order to screen for chromosomal abnormalities that could result in birth defects such as Down syndrome.

First Trimester

Find out what happens during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy

Learn about hypothyroidism during pregnancy to help prevent complications associated with this condition.

NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)

Learn about the various non-invasive prenatal testing options you have during your pregnancy.

Paternity Test

While most pregnancies are welcome, if occasionally surprising events, not every woman is prepared for the news that she is pregnant. A woman who receives this news at a time when she has recently had sex with more than one male partner may find herself in an awkward position, and asking an awkward question—who’s the father of my baby? A paternity test is the only reliable way to answer that question.

Second Trimester

Learn more about what happens during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Superfetation (or “Getting Pregnant While Already Pregnant!”)

Under ordinary circumstances, a normal pregnancy will result in the birth of a single baby, or perhaps twins or multiples. In the extremely rare event known as superfetation, however, an additional fetus can be conceived days or even weeks after its elder sibling

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Symphysis pubis dysfunction (also known as SPD) is a condition associated with childbirth and pregnancy in which the pubic symphysis—the cartilaginous joint that unites the forward-located hip bones of the pelvis—becomes too elastic to adequately perform its function, which is to keep your pelvic bones properly aligned.

The Panorama Test

Most people are unaware that they are carriers for a genetic disorder until they have an affected child. Knowing this before your child is born can help you prepare for the future and make the reproductive choices that are right for you and your family. A genetic screening procedure such as the Panorama test can provide this information.

Third Trimester

As pregnancy comes to an end, learn what to expect during the third and final trimester.

When Do You Start Feeling the Baby Kick? (Pregnancy Quickening )

Perhaps the most exciting pregnancy milestone is the first time you feel the baby kick. This first movement, which is called the quickening, generally comes shortly before the halfway mark in your term, and it is in some ways a mother’s first bonding experience with her baby.
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